Lakeridge PTSA


Have you ever been in charge of something and someone came and took one little part of it, but it seemed like such a big help? Already we have hundreds of parents and students accepting the opportunity to be involved in what happens at Lakeridge by being a part of LJHS PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association). If you haven’t had the chance yet, there are two easy ways to support the PTSA:

#1 Become a member (the form is included in this newsletter).
#2 Volunteer (send an email to [email protected]).

Remember: You don’t have to join PTSA to volunteer. You don’t have to volunteer to join PTSA.

OUR GOAL: To give so many parents and students the chance to help that no one person has more work than they can handle.

If you have become a member of [email protected], thank you! If not, please stop by the financial office or mail the form in to Lakeridge (ATTN: PTSA President) to give your support. If you can give an hour or two of your time to help, we have lots of small tasks that make a big difference if many hands each take one thing. Will your children be participating in any of the following activities?

Ribbon Week Family Fun Run 8th Grade Reality Town 9th Grade Dance
Sucker Sales Teacher Appreciation Reflections Flex Time
Vision Screening Goblin Chase 9th Grade Graduation Spelling Bee

Come participate with them. When they see you there, it shows them that their interests are important to you.

You are all invited to the next PTSA meeting on Oct. 11th @ 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room @ LJHS.