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How can I contact my student’s teacher(s)?

You can find out who your student’s teachers are by checking Skyward.  Teacher names are listed on your student’s schedule and gradebook. Every teacher’s email is listed on the faculty page of the school website directory. Note that you can also click on buttons to see all the teachers in a specific department.

Why do I have to come in and sign my student out?

We are very concerned about the safety of your student so only parents, guardians, or a Skyward listed emergency contact are authorized to check a student out of school. The person checking the student out will need to personally sign for them at the school’s attendance office after presenting proper identification. A signed note or phone call is not acceptable as there is no way to verify the writer or caller as someone authorized to check out the student.

How do I know if it is A-day or B-day?

Check the Alpine School District Calendar.

What time does my students lunch start?

Students may have the same lunchtime every day or they may have different lunchtimes on different days. (Example: A-days might be 1st lunch and B-days might be 2nd lunch.) Check your student’s schedule on Skyward to determine which lunchtime they have.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &Friday: 1st lunch 11:15-11:45 / 2nd lunch 12:45-1:15

Wednesday (Early Out): 1st lunch 10:45-11:15 / 2nd lunch 12:00-12:30

Check the daily school schedule.

What time is school out?

School ends at 2:45pm (except Wednesday). Wednesdays are Early Out days; school ends at 1:45.

Does the school have any Online Safety Resource?

Please checkout the following page for some helpful Online Safety Resources for students and parents.