Attendance Policy


Attendance is one of the most significant factors affecting student achievement in school. Opportunities for success during and after secondary schooling are also directly affected by a student’s attitude towards attendance in Junior High School. In order to assist students in their efforts to be academically successful and responsible citizens, LKJH expects students to be in class, prepared and on time each day.

LKJH complies with state and district school attendance policies which assure fairness and provide flexibility and accountability on the part of students, parents, and the school. LKJH believes school attendance is a community effort which requires responsibility from all parties involved in order to resolve any concerns prior to referral to the district office or juvenile court system. For the full attendance policy please visit the Lakeridge website.


  1. When a student is absent from school, the parent must officially request that the school excuses the absence by the means of a note or phone call.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to get make-up work from their teachers.
  3. Parents are encouraged not to check students out for anything but emergencies and important family circumstances.
  4. After evaluating a situation, school administration reserves the right to determines if a student’s absence is excused or unexcused.
  5. School secretaries may verify student absences daily.
  6. Any student that misses (10) consecutive school days will be reported to state and district agencies, with allowance for extenuating circumstances such as a major illness.


  1. We are very concerned about the safety of your student so only parents, guardians, or a Skyward listed emergency contact are authorized to check a student out of school. The person checking the student out will need to personally sign for them at the school’s attendance office. A signed note or phone call is not acceptable as there is no way to verify the writer or caller as someone authorized to check out the student.
  2. A student may not leave campus grounds, return and then get the absence excused after the fact.
  3. A student leaving campus without properly checking out is considered truant.


  1. If a student’s absence from the school campus or assigned class is not excused, that student is considered truant.
  2. A student deemed to be truant by the school administration may not be excused by the parent.
  3. A student that is truant may not expect to make up assignments, tests, etc., unless the teacher permits it.


  1. On the first truancy, the administration will meet with parent and student to sign an attendance contract.
  2. On the second truancy, the student will be assigned in school suspension or after school detention to be determined by administration.
  3. On the third truancy and beyond the student will be assigned ISS or after school detention and referred to district truancy school.
  4. Any continued truancy may result in further consequences and referral to truancy court.


  1. A student is tardy if he or she is not in the classroom when the tardy bell begins to ring.
  2. When the bell rings all teachers will close their doors. Any student who is late will report to the attendance secretary.
  3. A student who arrives more than 15 minutes late is marked (V) which is considered an absence by LKJH.


(not per class, this is overall tardies for all classes per quarter)

  • 1st Tardy Student is warned. Student will read the policy and sign it indicating they understand what is expected.
  • 2nd Tardy Student will call home to notify parent they get another tardy, their parent will be required to sign a contract regarding tardy/lateness to school.
  • 3rd Tardy Parent will need to sign a contract. If not returned within three (3) days of the tardy, student will serve a 45 Minutes detention.
  • 4th Tardy Parent will be contacted and student will serve 45 Minutes after school detention.
  • 5th Tardy Parent will be contacted and two (2) 45 Minutes after school detentions are assigned.
  • 6th Tardy Parent meeting with student and administration and two (2) more days of after school detention is assigned.
  • 7th & 8th Tardy After school detention and lunch detention assigned
  • 9th Tardy Parent meeting and ISS assigned for the day
  • 10th Tardy Out of school suspension and possible referral to Truancy School