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What is HOPE Squad?

HOPE Squad is a Suicide Prevention Program. It is clear that students are far more comfortable talking to each other than to adults. It has been shown that suicide prevention programs that are ongoing are far more effective than prevention programs that occur for a short period of time. HOPE Squad takes both of these factors that we know to be true and creates a prevention program that meets students were they are in hopes to bring the help to them.

Are HOPE Squad Members trained to be Counselors?

No. Being part of the HOPE Squad is meant to build upon members’ natural leadership skills. They will be trained as QPR “Gatekeepers”. Being a Gatekeeper means you know how to talk to people who are struggling and what questions to ask them to know if they are suicidal. It means you are able to get them the help they need and you are comfortable in understanding what your responsibility to others is: to offer help and to be a resource to finding help, not to save anyone. HOPE Squad members are expected to persuade individuals who are in need of help to a trusted adult and that is their whole purpose.