Credit Recovery Options

Please talk to your counselor before enrolling in any of these programs.

East Shore Online High School
0.125 credit units are completed online
Testing is available at Skyridge High School in Room #781 (Back of Counseling Office)
Initial Fee: $110.00 = $50 Annual Registration Fee + $35 Instructional Materials+ $15 Textbook Deposit + $10 online curriculum unit (0.125 credit)
FREE curriculum unit given if passed within 30 days

Northridge Learning Center
0.25 credit units are available by completing packets
Fee: $45 for each 0.25 credit
Address: 42 West 300 North
Orem, UT 84057
Phone Number: 801-776-4532
Hours: Monday through Thursday 1pm to 6pm

Alpine School District Extended Year (Summer School)

(Locations at Mountain View High School and Lehi High School)


Session 1: Updated Soon
Session 2: Updated Soon
To register, students should first meet with the school counselor at their current school to determine which classes to register for.  Next, pay the fee for each class period which is $25 for Alpine District students and $150 for students currently enrolled in another district or charter school. Lastly, take the receipt to the counseling office to complete the registration process.

BYU Independent Study (High School Students)

Lessons through the mail or on-line
Fee: $ 136.00 per .50 credit for most courses plus books if needed