Coummunity Council


About the Council

The Lakeridge Community Council is a body of parents, teachers, and administrators who work together to improve student achievement. Together they identify academic needs, establish meaningful and measureable goals, and enact a plan to implement research based programs in reaching these goals. As stakeholders of the school they are committed to the mission of Lakeridge, “We will ensure high levels of learning for all students.”

Community Council members are elected by the body they represent. Elections are held each fall. Positions are for 2 years. Although the Lakeridge Community Council functions as a whole unit, it has four Committees, each comprised of a mix of parents and school personnel.

School Improvement Committee: Identifies the critical academic needs of the school and drafts a plan for addressing these needs. This committee also works on the action plan for special education needs.

Trustland Committee: Oversees the appropriate spending and timely reporting of efficacy with Land Trust money. This committee also focuses on the school action plan for social and citizenship skills.

Professional Development Committee: Ensures that professional development is focused on Critical Academic Needs and funding is provided to meet the needs for the plan. This committee is also in charge of assessment and data analysis.

Public Relations Committee: Improves communication between parents, the school, and the community.


The Community Council invites any who would like to attend a Community Council meeting to do so. Meetings are held monthly on the dates listed below. The agenda and minutes for each meeting can be viewed by clicking the appropriate web link. You may also contact council members directly with questions regarding the School Improvement Plan, our School Land Trust Plan, or other issues related to academic achievement at Lakeridge. For further information, please click the appropriate link under resources.

Community Council Members 2017-2018

IMG_5228 Womensilhouette ManSilhouette IMG_5224 Womensilhouette
Edy Buss
Rochelle Anderson
Parent Member
Merri Hicken
Parent Member
Sterling Hilton
Parent Member
Silvia Lobendahn
Parent Member
Womensilhouette IMG_5222 Womensilhouette Brown 17 Carlson 17
Holly Peterson
Parent Member
Cissy Rasmussen
Parent Member
Cretia Tinsley
Parent Member
Lanell Brown
Faculty Member
Toni Carlson
Faculty Member
Evans 17 gibbons-16 Knudsen 2 17 Strong 17 Womensilhouette
Randy Evans
Faculty Member
Ryan Rocque
Faculty Member
Kathy Knudsen
Faculty Member
Kathi Strong
Faculty Member
Marsha Smith
PTSA President
Curtis Isask
Parent Member